Your ™ Liner


Tailored 3D printed silicone liner

Amongst the many choices, choosing a liner that offers the best care for your patient can be a struggle. 

In many cases it is complicated to obtain reimbursement for the best equipment although patients would really benefit. And it all boils down to cost.

So we are working hard to drive down the cost and ease of ordering the perfect liner. 

We make Your™ Liner. Truly unique liner, anatomically tailored to each individual patient. Prosthetists tell us everything they want, and we incorporate every detail of the prescription in every liner we make, for every different patient.



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The best type of care possible is determined in consultation with the physician, the orthopaedic technician and the rehabilitation team. The suitability of a product depends, among other things, on your physical condition, physical fitness and a detailed medical examination. Let specialist advise you on the best prosthetic equipment for you. 

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