We also provide Your™ Scan Kit 

Getting started

  • Easily acquire and protect all the hardware and software tools you need to digitalise a patient's limb

  • Make sure these tools are always compatible with each other and up to date. This helps us to continuously provide you with the best quality of service possible.

Your Scan Kit brings together all the necessary tools that you will need for ordering Your Liner. 

State of 
the art

Part of the success of a prosthetic fitting lies in the quality of service provided to the patient. Make sure your service is state of the art by using state of the art tools.

This way, you can save time and spend less effort for offering a tailored liner to your patient in a simple and quick manner.


Our team is always here to double check and advice the prosthetists to optimise the design of the products in order to obtain the best quality.

Your scan kit™

a major breakthrough

I have another scanner

You can also order Your™ Liner
by using any other 3D scanners, and
a dedicated Order form 

What's included:


An iPad with Your™ Liner app
installed and configured for you 

A Structure sensor and mounting

Erasable skin safe MotionTech pen for drawing design indications

A metal tape measure to easily take measurements


You can also order Your™ Liner
by using any other 3D scanners, or
a dedicated paper order form 


Laminated instruction sheets to have all ordering instructions at your fingertips

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